About Us

Atlantis Orchids is one of Victoria's largest orchid nurseries, specialising in cymbidiums, lycastes, masdevallias and a wide range of cool and intermediate growing genera, both species and hybrids.

Apart from orchid plants, we have a wide range of excellent modern cut flowers from March to November, the highly regarded Atlantis Super Brew Feed, Atlantis Premium Orchid Mix and DVD's.

Atlantis Orchids is now 25 years old and was started in Heathmont before becoming established in South Warrandyte. Cymbidium is the major genus grown, with about 40,000 mericlones and seedlings at various stages from 3” pots to 15” tubs. We flower about 5,000 seedlings each year and keep the very best for propagating on as pot plant and cut flower stock. Exceptional clones are used for select mericlones and for breeding. As well as the cymbidiums, a large house is devoted solely to Australian natives, lycastes and zygopetalums and a heated house for miscellaneous genera especially odontoglossums, masdevallias and Colombian miltonias.

Julian started growing orchids 50 years ago while at University. He initially completed a BSc DipEd at Melbourne University and taught Mathematics and Physics for three years before switching to Medicine where he completed a MB BS degree with Honours at Monash University. He practiced as a General Practitioner at East Ringwood for 21 years before becoming a full time orchid grower. He still does locum work at the local surgery and is heavily involved as an Emergency Doctor with the eventing equestrians. He has been Judging Registrar for Victoria and Australia and has judged orchids throughout Australia and on the world scene. He is an Emeritus Judge with the Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV), was its first President and is their current Patron. He has lectured from Garden Clubs to World Conferences and regularly lectures to the Victorian Orchid Clubs throughout the year. Together with the lecturing and DVD’s are numerous papers on a wide variety of topics that he has produced to help the beginner and advanced grower with their growing.

Frances started growing orchids nearly 30 years ago. She completed an Honours BSc degree at the University of New England and worked in meteorology with CSIRO for 10 years before turning to full time orchid growing. She is a Judge on the OSCOV Judging Panel and has judged throughout Australia and overseas. She has also lectured widely throughout Victoria.

Atlantis Orchids is committed to the enjoyable and fulfilling advancement of orchid growing. We endeavour at all times to produce and market the best and latest available plants, either as divisions of the original plant or as primary mericlones, never as proliferations. Proliferations are generally cheap and inferior copies of superior plants multiplied by second handers without any regard for quality and should be avoided at all times. We are totally against the practice. Atlantis Orchids is also fully committed to producing healthy, disease free plants in as natural environment as possible and pesticides and other similar chemicals in the nursery are kept to an absolute minimum.

We wish you all the best in your orchid growing.

Frances and Julian Coker.
Mobile: 0409 429 871
email: atlantisorchids@bigpond.com